Voice # 001

"38,000 people watched over 28 days"

"Reliable partner"


Deputy General Manager, Overseas Travel Promotion Department

Mr. Shoji Koda

The Japan Association of Travel Agents held a webinar for the first time this year to provide useful businesses to member travel agencies. By entrusting a series of operations to Miki Tourist, we were able to focus on creating a webinar program, announcing it, and attracting customers.


We held outbound (overseas travel) related webins for a total of 28 days during the eight months from May to December. The total number of viewers has reached about 38,000, and the effects of keeping the feelings of resuming outbound in the industry, appealing to related ministries and agencies, and providing education and training expenses are immeasurable. ..


Miki Tourist himself has been working in the tourism industry for many years, so the young staff will be able to give a pleasant presentation by appropriately understanding the intentions of the tourist offices, embassies, airlines, operators, etc. who will be presenting at the webinar. Enthusiastic and hard support.

Voice # 002

"We will continue to use it."


Managing Director

Mr. Takahiro Minamisato

I was very grateful that the staff was able to concentrate on preparing the contents of the webinar because they were responsible for the technical work such as operation operations in the production environment, pre-preparation and post-response.

The event companies that I have used so far have provided highly reliable technical support as well as detailed consideration, and I was able to proceed with the moderator with a sense of security.

Based on the content and quality of the service provided, the price setting is appropriate and I would like to continue using it in the future.